(waitlisted) Gilsang-sa Temple and the Korean Furniture Museum

Saturday, July 25, 2015 -
11:30am to 5:00pm
Seongbuk-gu, Seoul
KRW 30,000 for members and KRW 35,000 for non-members
Tour Leader: 
Mr. Song-Hyon Jang

Founded in 1997, Gilsang-sa Temple is located in a quiet residential reighborhood in the Seongbuk-gu districk of northern Seoul. Upon entering the One Pillar Gate(IIjumun), one can find the tranquility of a temple deep in the mountain. In the center of the temple, next to a thickly forested valley, lies the Hall of Ultimated Bliss(Geuknakjeon). The temple used to be one of the most famous restaurants in Korea, called Daewongak. Daewongak was founded in the 1970s by the late KimYeong-han, a former gisaeng(trained female entertainer)who, prior to the division of Korea, was the lover of renowned poet Baek Sok(Baek remained in his hometown in North Korea,and the two never saw each other again). A devout Buddhist, Kim donated her property(about 5.7 acres) to the revered Buddhist monk Ven. Beopjeong in 1987. Beopjeong turned the property into a Buddhist temple. Features of the original restaurant were kept. and the temple has a very unusual atmosphere as a result.
Gilsang Seonwon(Zen Center) dedicated to meditation practice is one of the temple’s unique features. The House of Silence is a mediatation room for those who wish to experience Seon(Zen) practice. The temple also has a teahouse called the Joy of Sharing, which has its own charm. Visitors can indulge in traditional tea while sitting here and soaking up the sunlight. It is also fascinating to see the bamboo leaves blowing gently in the wind, making shadows on the wall of the teahouse. Here we can have a warm cup of tea, experience and easy-going silence, speak to a Buddhist monk, take a quiet walk and enjoy vegetarian temple food for our lunch.
The Korean Furniture Museum provides visitors with an elegant and unique way a experience thedomestic lifestyles of Korea’s past. Located on the hill in Seongbuk-dong a little way above Gilsang-sa temple, the traditional buildings of the museum are intergrated with Seoul’s modern landscape and create a beautiful, peaceful atmosphere. The museum provides visitors with insight into the traditional lives of the Korean people.
This museum has recently completed an ambitious twelve-year building project to become the most compreshensive private museum of its kind. Ten traditional homes from earlier dynasties were rebuilt to display the proper usage of furniture and interior decoration in order for the viewer to fully appreciate life in traditional Korean homes. The museum specializes in collecting, preserving and exhibiting traditional Korean wooden furniture, with more than 1,500 objects in its collection. The cost this excursion is KRW 30,000 for members and 35,000 for non-members. We will meet at the top of the stairs of Exit 6, Hansung University Station. (Subway line 4) at 11:30am. From there, we will move to the temple using the shuttle bus. Please be on time. The excursion will finish around 5pm.

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