Heavenly-Treasure at Buddha-Rock Temples on Mt. Bulam-san Walking Tour (confirmed)

Saturday, May 19, 2018 -
10:00am to 2:00pm
Bulam-san, near Taeneung Station in NE Seoul
W20,000 for members and W25,000 for non-members
Tour Leader: 
David Mason



Meeting Point:   Exit #1 of Hwarangdae Metro Station. (see detailed directions below)

Bulam-san or the “Buddha-Rock Mountain” is a prominent pyramid shaped mountain on the eastern border of Seoul with Guri and Namyangju Cities, easily visible from many points of the eastern side of the city – from some angles, it's easy to imagine that it resembles a gigantic Buddha sitting in meditation. It's a really beautiful and refreshing place to visit, with beautiful deep forests and half-a-dozen fascinating temples within them.   For some reference, take a look at these webpages starting at:  http://www.san-shin.net/Bulamsan-01.html

We will visit its two largest and most interesting temples, one of them historic, and enjoy a lovely pine-forest hike between them.  They both have huge boulders and cliffs carved with many Buddhist and folk deities, and one has a dramatic legacy of 1100 years.  Prof. Mason will provide full explanations of their history and amazing artworks.
Those who wish to stay and have a late lunch together at one of the several fine country-style Korean restaurants in the village outside the temple are certainly welcome.  

David A. Mason is an American who has lived in Korea since 1982, becoming an expert on the history of Korean traditional culture and authoring many books and articles. He currently serves as a professor of Cultural Tourism at Seoul’s Sejong University. His extensive website is www.san-shin.org
Check for confirmation of event by Thursday, May 17, at www.raskbk.com

Detailed Directions: Hwarangdae Metro Station in NE Seoul is on Brown Line #6, the next-to-last one going towards Bonghwasan, the first one after it crosses Olive Line #7 at Taeneung Station.  

Ending Point:  From Bulam-sa temple, participants can get back to Seoul by walking (15 min) or riding the temple’s shuttle-bus down to the town-road in “Bulam-dong” where public buses 202, 1155 or 1225 (or taxis) go back to Hwarangdae Staion and beyond (takes about 12 minutes), or using apps to call taxis.

Notes:  If any participants want to drive their own cars for this, that would be fine; David Mason can give directions.  Bringing a water-bottle, a hat and some light snacks would be advised.

By Thursday, May 17, 2018, please register your RSVP for the Bulam-san Walking Tour, Saturday, May 19, 2018, by simply click here.  Please register one RSVP at a time.
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